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Twin Pregnancy JOY!

After Matt's dad passed the thing that kept us all going was the life growing inside of me.

There was SO much joy inside being pregnant with twins. While my infertility journey and the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy were traumatic- there was a window of time that brought me, Matt and our entire family so much happiness.

We had our 12 week ultrasound at the high risk obgyn on News Years Eve of 2014. The doctor assured us that both babies looked great- and we were in the safe zone to tell the rest of our family, friends and colleagues the exciting news. I made an adorable Facebook post- a photo of myself around three years old holding two baby dolls.

I also loved (and still love) the 12 week ultrasound photo where you can see two actual babies inside my belly. It was so much fun to tell people I was pregnant with twins and see their jaw drop. It's certainly not news you hear everyday.

At 16 weeks we found out we would be having twin baby boys! Matt and I surprised our family with a small gender reveal gathering at our home to share the news. They thought they were just coming over for a family pizza night- but we setup decorations and had two small gift boxes. We let each of our moms open the boxes revealing each baby's gender.

Matt and I love to vacation. As a young couple we went spent at least two weeks a year on a beach somewhere. Since I was considered high risk we planned an early babymoon to Florida. We spent a week in Ft. Lauderdale because it was February and we wanted warm weather. On our trip Matt was able to feel the boys kick for the first time.

Matt's mom worked as a radiology technician and was able to pull some strings to get us a 3D ultrasound. I was obsessed with these photos because it gave me some idea of what these little boys would look like.

We did everything a little on the early side because we were expecting an early delivery with twins. Most of the time doctors won't let women pass 38 weeks with twins- and we thought I could go as early as 36. So we planned a nautical twin nursery with two cribs and adorable sea shore items. We registered for ALL of the twin baby things ( more on that in another post.) And the moms planned for a baby shower around 28 weeks.

Things were going pretty well considering I was still nauseous or vomiting every single day. Matt and I were SO excited to be bringing twin boys into the world. We were happy, grateful and feeling blessed- especially after all we had been through in the previous months.

" It's not joy that makes us grateful. It's gratitude that makes us joyful." unknown

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