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Third times a charm!

After my miscarriage we had to wait about three months before we could do another round of IUI. I had to heal from the D&E and then I had to have a god awful procedure called a sonohysterogram. During this test the doctor inserts fluid into your uterus to examine the uterine lining. This was very painful. During the procedure they found I still had a stitch in my cervix from the D&E which was removed and caused more bleeding.

**Matt and I on vacation after my miscarriage**

So we begin again. This time my doctor increased my dosage of clomid to try to shorten my cycles. My cycles were lasting around 37 days- and she hoped this would make things closer to the typical 28.

Blood work, Clomid, Ultrasounds, Blood work, Trigger Shot, IUI.

The day of the IUI I was asked to sign a waiver understanding that I could experience a pregnancy with multiple babies because I had ovulated four eggs. No problem- last time I ovulated two - got one- one died. I figured ovulating four only improved our chances of actually getting and staying pregnant.

Wait two weeks...

I remember the day like it was yesterday. Matt wanted to go to see a former University of Kentucky basketball player that was now playing for the Philadelphia 76ers sign autographs at a mall out in PA. The mall was near his grandmothers house- so after the signing we took her out for lunch. I had to pee all day! It was like there was a new added pressure to my bladder that I hadn't had before. By the time we returned home I just KNEW- I was definitely pregnant. My blood test at the doctor wasn't for another few days- so it was early- but I knew. The next day after work I stopped to buy a pregnancy test. I took it as soon as I got home and it was positive! I was so excited and Matt too- but also trying to not get too excited because of what we just went through. I was pregnant " for now" was how I thought of it. Looking back on that now- I feel sad that my mindset was so grim.

** 11/02/14 The day I knew I was pregnant **

My blood work at the doctor a few days later confirmed I was pregnant and my levels were high- which was a good sign. They checked my levels again one week later and they had more then doubled. The following week I would go for an ultrasound.

At what was now considered six weeks pregnant I had an in office ultrasound appointment scheduled and a meeting with the pregnancy nurse. This would be the first time I saw our baby. Matt was away for work so I asked my mom to come with me to the appointment. After you have an ultrasound when they tell you your baby doesn't have a heartbeat - you don't really want to go alone EVER again.

The pretty tech with long blonde hair called us back- I got changed and setup. She came back in and started scanning with the screen facing her. I waited patiently- praying silently that everything was ok. She looked at me and said " there are three.." My mom jumped out of her chair SO fast. I said "what?? three??" I thought there was a chance there would be two because my levels were much higher from the previous pregnancy and I had symptoms so early. But THREE? The tech turned the screen and showed me baby a, b and c. I was pretty much speechless. She finished scanning and I got changed. We were then escorted to see the pregnancy nurse.

I sat in the office stunned and silent. The nurse asked if I had any questions- and was I ok? My response was " Well- if there's three- that means at least this time I will get one healthy baby, right?" The nurse replied- "or three.." I was still so stuck in a place that something bad may happen - so I thought this just made my chances stronger at actually having a baby. After some more discussion the nurse convinced me that I was pregnant- and with triplets.

My mom and I left the office and I immediately got into the car and called Matt. He was driving to a hotel. It was dinner time. I delivered the news of triplets and he says he about drove right off the side of the road. We were both pretty shocked for the next 48 hours and then reality set in. HOLY SHIT- how are we actually going to have THREE babies?

To be continued...

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